ADOC TrackRoad: Route Optimization Made Smarter

Med Shakeri, President, ADOC TrackRoadMed Shakeri, President
Logistic management and warehouse loading or distribution have become daily challenges in all modes of transportation; trucking, supply chain, plumbers, couriers, sales routes, trash companies (a trash company truck can visit 300 homes in a single day), and dry cleaners, to name a few. ADOC’s TrackRoad is an innovative routing software solution that addresses these complex transportation problems by providing more efficient shipping routes while reducing labor and driving cost all at the same time.

According to one estimate, Americans waste more than $65 billion a year sitting in traffic. Say someone wants to go to a local grocery store, nearby bank, and then the Target store. There are six different routes they can take. In fact, the numbers of possible routes increase exponentially as the number of stops increases. For four stops, there can be 24 routes and for five stops, there can be 120 different routes! By the time they reach 40 stops, there are more possibilities than the stars in Milky Way!

ADOC TrackRoad global route optimization system efficiently solves the routing issue using several different modes of dispatching. When there are multiple vehicles, route optimization is only one piece of the puzzle. The second piece is autonomously dispatching the stops to right vehicles. “Included with our routing is also our state-of-the-art intelligent dispatching which can distribute and balance load based on geographically dispersed vehicles so a truck in Baltimore gets all the stops in Baltimore and a truck in DC will get all the stops in the DC area,” states Med Shakeri, President, ADOC.

ADOC TrackRoad global route optimization system efficiently solves the routing issue using several different modes of dispatching

ADOC TrackRoad routing customers are literally from all walks of life; a farmer in Kansas who delivers corn to restaurants, an online grocery site in Sweden that delivers fresh vegetable and other merchandise in 40 cities, vineyards in New Zealand delivering to restaurants, house inspectors in OK, school buses and thousands of others all over the planet are either using TrackRoad portal or developer API for in-house or public-facing websites.

TrackRoad API for developers is used for routing of locations, distance calculations, turn-by-turn directions, and geocoding. The routing options include intelligent dispatching for geographically dispersed vehicles, multiple or single region routing, multiple time windows, load capacity (volume, boxes, and weight), and time balancing. Several dispatching modes like “BalanceTime” or “BalanceLocation” can accommodate different required scenarios. For maximum efficiency and cost reduction, users can use “MinimumVehicles” mode to minimize the number of vehicles utilized. Location types such as Start, Finish, Midway, MidwayDrop, LunchBreak, and ParkBreak allow further customization. is very intuitive and friendly. “We strive daily to improve the user interface and ease-of-use. Our goal is even faster platform independent installation for developers, and to minimize learning curve by emphasizing REST and other protocols in the future,” concludes Shakeri.