BringIT: Power of an Integrated Ecosystem

Alex Morris, VP of Strategy & Business Development, BringITAlex Morris, VP of Strategy & Business Development
In an increasingly globalized and competitive economy in the 3PL realm—where organizations are characterized by networks of inter- and intra-organizational relationships—cloud based software along with information sharing has become an important prerequisite for supply chain integration and the future of global business solutions. Seamless supply chain coordination, end-to-end visibility, and reduced costs are some of the tangible benefits that can be directly realized through effective real-time collaboration and cloud processing power of different systems working together. Back in 2015, this mantra catalyzed the concernment of a cloud based system infrastructure that can extract meaningful data at any critical point of a supply chain process and channelize it through different systems. BringIT was founded to transfigure and institutionalize a center of excellence to offer the supply chain world a one stop shop for IT professional services specialized in cloud based business solutions offering an integrated ecosystem and real-time collaboration among both customers and suppliers.

Advancing at a warp speed, technology oftentimes creates a gulf where costs go out of hand and businesses deal with subpar systems that lead to inconsistent data access, owing to the absence of automated system integration. “BringIT helps clients with their strategic system planning to establish the right business and communication processes, project management structures, ensuring close alignment of system initiatives with business goals and objectives,” explains Alex Morris, VP of Strategy and Business Development, BringIT. The whole process is a bottom-up approach wherein it begins with a realization phase of client requirements and their direction.

We give customers control of their business, with access to integrated systems and meaningful, secure data

Thereafter, a design and deployment phase is carried out to blueprint a customized integrated architecture from a suite of cloud based solutions and tools that deliver real-time collaboration and visibility into a client’s manufacturing and supply chain environment. This automated and secure data from integrated systems allow customers to focus on their competitive advantage. “From devising strategies and system migrations to supply chain deployments, our customized solutions encourage clients to focus on their business and growth trajectories. We give customers control of their business, with access to integrated systems and meaningful, secure data,” he adds.

This unique cradle-to-grave support that BringIT brings to its clients’ tables bespeaks of a multi-faceted approach which focuses not on only one specific system or tool, but encompasses all grounds in the supply chain—from design to build to invoice to after-market support. BringIT also improves a company’s order to cash process and brings scalability to operations while reducing the client’s supply chain cost and time to market.

Moving ahead, BringIT hopes to establish new system integration capabilities and focus on real-time prescriptive and predictive analytics platform that will help customers to understand their supply chain pain points and customer behavior. BringIT believes this new integrated, cloud-based platform will enable a new face in the supply chain: SMART supply chain platform. He envisions SMART would help them collate information from all activities like design, plan, procure, manufacture, distribute, customer satisfaction, and field repair services. With an effort to break new grounds in the supply chain marketplace, BringIT is keen on adapting to Industry 4.0 trends in an effort to be a customer’s best aide in dire times by leveraging cloud processes to analyze every event that takes place in the supply chain realm.