CoreWarehouse: The Road to 3PL WMS Supply Chain Optimization

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Robert Schilt, President , CoreWarehouseRobert Schilt, President
Gone are the days when 3PL logistics companies had to configure the size of the servers to meet the peak demand. With the advent of dynamic servers and cloud-based solutions, today’s logistics service providers can spin up servers to meet the peak performance and process over a million orders a month. However, when dealing with high volume of orders, there are a few companies that still find it extremely difficult to match the functionality of the system in terms of consolidating orders, routing pickers and managing a warehouse’s supply chain inventory.

This is precisely where CoreWarehouse comes into the picture with its groundbreaking 3PL SaaS warehouse management software solutions to optimize the supply chain and inventory management process and spin up servers to meet the peak demand within a span of 10-15 minutes. Having been in the trenches of 3PL for more than three decades, “Core is uniquely positioned to assist logistics and warehousing companies in managing the entire supply chain operations efficiently,” says Robert Schilt, President of CoreeBusiness Solutions.

Along with the company’s expertise in warehousing technology, the process that CoreWarehouse delivers is also remarkably different in the marketplace. “We start every implementation with a conference room pilot whereby our team spends two days in the warehouse with the client to review their way of processing, picking, receiving orders and all the different functions within the warehouse,” says Schilt. The company records it in a 10-15 page document, using which they recommend the best way to make the client more efficient and increase picking speeds. When the customer signs off on the document, the CoreWarehouse team starts configuring the system to the way that the customer will perform all the different processes within the warehouse.

To make their processes more relevant and more intelligent, CoreWarehouse recently launched its CoreMobile function. This functionality enables warehouse personnel to use any smart device to link to the CoreWarehouse WMS software. With the CoreMobile device the cost of scanning is now considerably reduced by only having to spend hundreds vs. thousands of dollars for scanning devices.
CoreWarehouse also links with all major eCommerce providers. “With today’s customizable APIs and our innovative toolset, integration with all major eCommerce providers and shipping carriers has become perfectly seamless for our customers,” says Schilt.

To enhance the visibility of the supply chain operations, the company has developed a Core Portal, an order entry/tracking system that enables 3PL’s specific customers to run their own reports, check order status and inventory for their individual warehouse operation. They now don’t have to rely on their 3PL to send inventory reports, open order reports or anything else.

A new major critical area that Core continues to build on is business intelligence. They are able to offer its customers warehouse efficiencies and open orders graphically in the form of a report or a graph. This enables management to not have to scroll through pages of reports; they can get a snapshot of it and then drill down on it, if necessary.

A unique feature of the company is that it serves a multitude of industries with 70 percent of their customers being 3PL and 30 percent standalone warehouses & corporate warehouse facilities. The company serves major industry sectors including and not limited to Pharmaceutical, Food, Retail, HiTech to name a few. As a result, CoreWarehouse’s growth has been truly unlimited, having been able to support an ever-growing clientele. Schilt recalls a particular instance where they were able to aid a 3PL warehouse logistics company in dealing with a peak demand of a million orders a month. As the client was under strict contract requirements, Core made sure that they maintained the accuracy while shipping high volumes of product, took care of the client’s pick-pack operation, and shipped products to the right locations.

For CoreWarehouse, their vision for the future involves the company’s footprint expansion to Latin America. The company’s recent shift to Amazon’s AWS system has been crucial as they are automating the whole process of monitoring the network of virtual servers in the system to ensure that all of them perform up to maximum specifications. Core has released a new 3PL billing process which will help its customers to automate the unique requirements of 3PL billing.