Dynamic Logistix: Taking TMS to the Next Level

Jeff Auslander, CEO & Managing Partner, Dynamic LogistixJeff Auslander, CEO & Managing Partner ‘Transportation management system nerd,’ a term that Jeff Auslander deems fit for himself, stands true based on the years he has extensively worked on TMS and achieved industry-acknowledged expertise. His depth of knowledge on TMS and its significance in the logistics industry can be gauged by his accurate representation of the current scenario: “Today, shippers are in need of a partner in TMS; one that can bring in more than just execution and leverage the highest level of technology. The partner should be able to provide the quickest and most effective way to utilize and implement that technology. Not just get it launched but also constantly improve it to ensure that the client does not fall behind the curve.”

Having sensed the need, Dynamic Logistix, formerly known as FloPath Automatic Logistics, has been providing the highest value to all of its shippers with a deliberate technology plus expertise blended solution that leads to the implementation of innovative supply chain solutions. What started as a consulting firm for the logistics industry in 2011 has today become a leading third-party transportation provider revolutionizing the industry with its state-of-the-art TMS product.

Not Just a 3PL, but a Partner

Although TMS is not a new concept, shippers till now have not been able to fully utilize the benefits the system has to offer. While logistics companies adopt TMS as a thumb rule, they often struggle to have better visibility and automation of its freight and transportation department, with little or no ability for reporting and analytics. But most important of all is the challenge of quick integration which when achieved can decrease time on freight management, save costs, and reduce inefficiencies. As Auslander, CEO and managing partner of Dynamic Logistix, puts it, “Shippers using the technology or a 3PL, are given the options of a ‘half full’ TMS program or a 3PL secrecy, ‘hidden behind the curtain’ arrangement.” This arrangement meant that clients have no access to the software, and no direct control over their operation and spreadsheet only based reporting.

This is where Dynamic Logistix differentiates itself from other 3PL providers in the market with its ‘partnership TMS.’ “We’re determined to not only build a dynamic TMS solution, but we’ll also be in the ‘foxhole’ the entire time,” states Auslander. The company’s X. TMS is one of the most unique products in the market that brings increased visibility, automation, accountability, reliability, and scalability to shippers.

Offering an All-In-One Solution

One of the most efficient ways for companies in logistics to save costs is to be able to easily collaborate on loads and lanes, reducing empty miles and carbon footprints. This is possible when an integrated TMS allows information sharing and provides complete visibility of transportation to shippers.

Dynamic Logistix acts as a true partner by getting its clients live on TMS that is fully integrated and automated, in less than two months

Such visibility ensures maximum utilization of facilities by managing inbound and scheduling appointments.

While most 3PLs overlook the importance of offering ‘hawk’s eye’ ability to its clients, Dynamic Logistix provides mobile, web-based visibility for all shipping efforts to its clients. With X.TMS, clients are always informed about their loads’ statuses, via email alerts, based on business rules and events. X.TMS is web-based with 99.9 percent uptime, allowing visibility to all shipping efforts on-the-go. The system grants login access to an unlimited number of staff members, carriers, and vendors; thus all one needs is a web or mobile connection and they can access X.TMS. However, customized permissions and limitations can be programmed specifically to each user.

A great example of X.TMS helping clients improve their performance is when C&S Products won its first ever ‘Supplier Performance’ award with Wal-Mart for on-time delivery percentage vs. over 1,000 other suppliers. C&S Products implemented Dynamic Logistix’ solution for superior visibility into the shipments so that they can be managed and scheduled effectively. The solution not only brought visibility, better execution, and saved money but also helped the client improve its on-time delivery from 51 percent to 98 percent.

Such deep visibility makes the management of freight a seamless task for logistics companies. There are numerous options offered by X.TMS for freight management, automated order-to-order-to-carrier assignment, and auto-tender. Clients are offered rate shop—a multi-faceted decision support tool—to quote freight rates and shipment routings, by carrier or mode. Also available on X.TMS are the spot quote functionality and the ability to manage inbound and outbound loads.

Since consistent performance is a deciding factor for any company in the logistics industry, the ability to measure and manage its own performance is paramount. This is where the capture and reporting capabilities of X.TMS prove to be a ‘game-changer’ for clients. It acts as the repository for all of a client’s shipping documents, keeping it organized and easily accessible. The reporting capabilities offered by X.TMS provide actionable insight through customizable, visually intensive reports. The product also facilitates sharing of reports with different staff members, based on their role. All these reporting facilities allow clients to view and weigh their choices within the TMS.

Keeping true to its origin as a consulting firm, every month or quarter, depending on the customer needs, Dynamic Logistix provides KPI reports that are 5-15 pages long consisting of data pulled out of TMS which help clients improve their shipping, control costs, and eventually improve their service. “But there is one thing that we do that nobody else is doing and that is to provide graphical, high-end reports that emulate the KPI reports and are customer specific for aspects like LTL costs, LTL lanes, and full truckload lanes.

We call this Business Intelligence,” states Auslander. All these reports are visible to both the clients and Dynamic Logistix, so they can partner to view and work on the opportunities to better manage their freight and transportation department. “Most 3PLs provide Excel information in which the customer has to figure out the information on their own. We, on the other hand, provide Business Intelligence with graphical web user interface reporting. The way we look at it, what good with all the visibility if you don’t give the shipper tools that tell the story of what is going on.”

Michael Frazier, Head of Implementation & Analytics, Dynamic LogistixMichael Frazier, Head of Implementation & Analytics

However, the greatest strength of Dynamic Logistix which makes it one of the ‘hardest to beat’ competitors in the industry is its speed to market for transportation logistics solution. Michael Frazier, responsible for implementation and analytics at Dynamic Logistix, explains that one of the major concerns for any company adopting TMS is its implementation time. “We have come across many clients who confessed that their biggest nightmare for TMS implementation is its duration which may vary from 6-12 months, or sometimes even two years; but this is considered as the industry standard, leaving them with no better option.” Another problem is that after the launch of the product if the client wants to tweak it, it takes weeks and sometimes months to achieve the required changes. This is where Dynamic Logistix acts as a true partner by getting its clients live on TMS that is fully integrated and automated, in less than two months. In one instance, Dynamic Logistix helped a large telecom distributor go live in less than six and a half weeks, and its tweaks got done in just couple of days.

"We’re determined to not only build a dynamic TMS solution, but we’ll also be in the ‘foxhole’ the entire time"

Auslander further adds that the biggest part of implementation is integration, where two systems talk and make information sharing possible. X.TMS offers integration with a client’s ERP system for automation, as well as electronic data interchange (EDI) integration with carriers for automated tracking and tracing. X.TMS can manage numerous modes, including TL, LTL, Small Pack, IMDL, Rail, and Barge.

An Easy-Button Experience

With expertise and best-in-class technology, Dynamic Logistix is creating an ‘easy button’ experience which means that once the X.TMS is configured for the end user, it will offer superior customer experience all the while saving time and money for the shipper. The company aims to always be 100 miles ahead of its competitors in regards to technology by consistently being quick to market in terms of implementation, integration, and automation. “We are not just a technology company; we are a team with expertise and understanding of TMS and transportation. We are working to transform the logistics industry and help it reach performance precision never before imagined,” concludes Auslander.