e-Courier: Customizable and Integrated Logistics Management

The mushrooming of B2C e-commerce platforms over the last few years has catapulted the ascent of third-party logistics (3PL). More so, with the growth of the supply chain space, 3PL providers have become highly valuable to multi-national manufacturers and retailers. While there are many standard software packages that help fulfill the basic requirements of administering freight and delivery, the lack of configuration capabilities deters 3PL firms from effectively accomplishing certain tasks. e-Courier revolutionizes the logistics market with their enterprise software and services that give firms extensive customization opportunities to manage their distribution business as they see fit.

e-Courier’s cloud-based enterprise software for logistics firms handles intricate shipping data, GPS tracking, ETA updates, and online billing mechanisms in real time. With its Report Scheduling module, firms can automatically generate multiple reports without the need to manually register freight data on spreadsheets. e-Courier’s order processing system, on the other hand, generates transaction invoices from multiple sources such as shipment notification files, barcodes, or freight capturing points, making it multipurpose and resourceful to tackle the heavy flow of shipments.

The firm also brings to the fore innovative package tracking solutions through its smartphone applications like ecMobile, eAgent, and eShip. The respective driver, agent, and customer apps incorporate the tenets of the firm’s content management system (CMS) for freight data to drive portability in operations. The driver facing “smart” app, ecMobile, can be configured to create various delivery options depending upon information such as customer identity and packages details. Each customer has a different specification in terms of geofencing rules, delivery steps, or barcode scans and the ecMobile app intuitively deciphers the requirements and sets the regulations for delivery, ensuring the utmost quality. e-Courier’s mobility services facilitate greater accountability in the flow of information from shippers to drivers, and back again— maintaining tight connections with trading partners.

In today’s fast-paced world, nearly every freight forwarding and logistics firm is looking for solutions that keep them connected with their customers. With the help of e-Courier’s robust connectivity and electronic data interchange (EDI) modules, a 3PL firm can stay connected with customers at all times to enter orders, file reports, and track freight movements.

e-Courier’s mobility services facilitate greater accountability in the flow of information from shippers to drivers, and back again

One of e-Courier’s 3PL clients used traditional and disparate modes of communication like phone calls, emails, and faxes to exchange information with their vendors, which created issues in maintaining records and executing tasks. After implementing e-Courier’s EDI and connectivity solutions, the client could manage all their communications from a single point. They now send alerts and job requests via e-Courier’s EDI platform and receive responses immediately. e-Courier President Phil Galdi says, “Electronic communication eliminates a great deal of human error and saves agents from the mundane and time-consuming tasks like transferring information.”

For the future, e-Courier intends to develop software solutions for other components of logistics framework such as automated warehouse and distribution management to offer a more comprehensive suite of solutions for 3PL companies. The company also plans to upgrade their customer facing application, eShip, by incorporating features like the name of the driver and ETAs to enhance the user experience. Galdi, foreseeing the significance of crowdsourcing in the future, has already started to invest in enhancing their systems to allow their clients to leverage this trend.