Edisoft®: Optimizing the End-to-End 3PL Workflow

Kelvin Takhar, GM & VP, Edisoft®Kelvin Takhar, GM & VP
The 3PL technology space has steadily overcome the impediments of changing market trends with the emergence of automation. One such provider of automated solutions is Edisoft, delivering ERP-integrated supply chain solutions within the 3PL space. Edisoft leverages datasets as strategic assets to drive supply chain performance. “Edisoft’s cloud-based, Smart Process Supply Chain Platform not only automates supply chain processes but also captures relevant supply chain data to help make informed decisions that impact revenue and profitability for retail suppliers,” states Kelvin Takhar, GM and VP, Edisoft.

The Smart Process Supply Chain Platform is an “out of the box, configurable SaaS platform that can be optimized to a customer’s business flow requirements. Edisoft’s SaaS platform includes three key supply chain services: Vendor Compliance, Warehouse Fulfillment, and Carrier Management. A key benefit of the SaaS platform is that it eliminates the re-keying of data and the manual steps needed to ensure compliance and management of sales orders and shipments while also establishing industry-specific best practices for apparel, food & beverage, consumer goods, automotive, and retail suppliers. Compared to simple data integration, Edisoft’s ERP-integrated Smart Process Platform drives end-to-end optimization of workflows which in turn enables strategic decision-making. Furthermore, data captured by Edisoft’s platform enables organizations to leverage information across order entry, waving, picking, packing and shipping to provide valuable insights to the business.

The configurable and modular nature of Edisoft’s Platform reduces operational costs, as well as, EDI transactions for customers. For instance, Edisoft’s delivery of a single warehouse fulfillment platform for all incoming sales orders regardless of origin (EDI, e-commerce, and CRM) not only eliminates the re-keying of data but, more importantly, reduces the costs of maintaining duplicate pick, pack and ship processes. The dynamic nature of retail market trends results in the need for better visibility, as well as, a better understanding of the financial metrics impacting contribution margin for suppliers using 3PL services.

Edisoft’s cloud-based, Smart Process Supply Chain Platform not only automates supply chain processes but also captures relevant supply chain data

Organizations in the 3PL space face the business challenge of remaining profitable, while effectively meeting the trading partner guidelines of major ‘bricks and mortar’ as well as e-commerce retailers. Edisoft’s Smart Process Supply Chain Platform provides an “out of the box” experience that is completely configurable to address vendor compliance, warehouse fulfillment, and carrier management.

The company’s SaaS-based solution has enabled many global retail suppliers to better manage their IT infrastructure and operational costs. One of Edisoft’s long-time customers, Marc Anthony Cosmetics, depends on Edisoft’s Smart Process Supply Chain Platform to stay competitive. Due to the rapid consumption of cosmetics products, logistics play a crucial role in ensuring prompt availability of products in the retail market. Edisoft’s single warehouse fulfillment system assisted Marc Anthony Cosmetics in achieving superior vendor scorecard rankings by providing innovative end-to-end 3PL Vendor Compliance SaaS services that automated and optimized all sales orders and shipments while also providing a better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for their ERP. Moreover, the robust vendor compliance engine of Edisoft’s Smart Process platform eliminated vendor EDI non-compliance fees for the client, driving a huge improvement in their productivity and operational costs.

Edisoft is a leader in delivering ‘out of the box’ innovative technology that offers effective workflow changes for retail suppliers, enabling companies to use logistics as a game changer in a highly competitive global market. Edisoft looks forward to expanding the features of its Smart Process platform to provide enhanced capabilities for a wider range of industries, such as Discrete Manufacturing and Healthcare. The company aims to deliver automated and optimized planning and scheduling functions that support Just-in-Time shipments for suppliers to help them achieve a better cost management model within the 3PL space.