Freight Exchange Network: Transforming Traditional Freight Management Processes

Steve Wineriter, Co-Founder and Mark Eichinger, Co-Founder, Freight Exchange NetworkSteve Wineriter, Co-Founder and Mark Eichinger, Co-Founder
Having real-time visibility of your products during the shipping process is paramount. If you aren’t already tracking your products or looking at solutions that allow you to do so, you should start before the competition leaves you behind.

Most of the robust freight management software solutions present in the market today cater to the big players in the industry, forcing the small and medium-sized logistics firms and carriers to rely on Excel sheets and unproductive management software to run and manage their business. Oftentimes, carriers remain dependant on phone calls (check calls) or trucking company controlled GPS devices to determine the exact location of their freight. In many instances, shipping managers of logistics firms receive inaccurate information passed on by drivers, dispatchers, or customer service representatives. Incorrect information being forwarded to clients paves the way for wasted money, wasted time, confusion, and low customer satisfaction.

Keller-based Freight Exchange Network, a provider of freight management solutions, has identified this market gap and has engineered a robust freight tracking platform for shippers, brokers, and freight carriers of all sizes. Their products are geared toward helping customers efficiently track their shipments across a company’s diverse shipping networks or across a unified carrier fleet. The company’s flagship product, FreightTracer™ integrates the entire supply chain with an operations center tracking portal and a suite of mobile applications. These products deliver comprehensive management of logistics and shipment tracking, while providing an exceptional level of service to their customers and shipping partners.

Being a cloud-based platform, FreightTracer™ enables companies to easily manage shipments from loading to delivery, while remaining connected with truckers during transit through a free smartphone application. “From a GPS perspective, the technology to track a phone has already been around for sometime now. What we have created is the ability to integrate the tracking process into the shipping process, which provides users visibility into their diverse carrier network and distribution network,” says Mark Eichinger, co-founder of Freight Exchange Network.

FreightTracer™ utilizes advanced geo-fencing technology, allowing the system to automatically detect a truck’s arrival time at pick-up locations or delivery destinations, relieving drivers or other personnel from manual processes. It also displays shipment location and the routes the truckers have taken. Users can even rate carrier productivity. FreightTracer™ aggregates this data to generate carrier scores that help clients decide which carriers best suit their needs. Additionally, the software comes equipped with features such as vendor insurance tracking, file upload storage (drivers can upload documents related to loads), bill of lading creation (generates a bill of lading for each load), and tracking links. The company also provides a back office transportation management system named NavigatorTMS™ (navigatortms. com) which can integrate with FreightTracer.

Eliminating the need for extra resources spent on tracking freight processes manually, FreightTracer™ enhances the productivity of third-party logistics companies, enabling them to execute more jobs at lesser costs. “We have seen our clients evolve over time. Our software has been instrumental in bridging the gap between manufacturers, truckers, and freight carriers. It has helped in the rapid evolution of their businesses,” says Steve Wineriter, co-founder of Freight Exchange Network.

FreightTracer™ has a clientele spread across countries such as Canada, the US, and Mexico; and plans to further its global footprint. From a technology perspective, the company is building key relationships with end-of-day market-trend reporting enterprises to understand the pain points of the industry and formulate solutions to solve them. “Our company will soon incorporate different navigation features into FreightTracer™ to become the next generation cutting-edge freight management software provider. Our sole motive is to make our software bigger and better from an overall freight tracking perspective and to disrupt the tracking industry,” ends Eichinger.