Infocon Systems: Simplifying EDI Experience

Deepak Nijhawan, President, Infocon SystemsDeepak Nijhawan, President
With roots tracing back to 1988, Infocon Systems has evolved to adapt to the changes in the third-party logistics (3PL) area. Backed by a dedicated team of electronic data exchange (EDI) experts, Infocon Systems has positioned itself as a key player in the supply chain logistics space with a primary focus on simplifying EDI by automating the flow of critical business documents to core business systems. The company’s Business to Business Exchange technology allows its 3PL customers to get a comprehensive cloud-based solution for their shipping and invoicing needs. Infocon Systems’ EDI solutions integrate with their client’s internal systems so that shipping and invoicing data along with other key information can all be sent to the appropriate stakeholders through an automated process. Companies using Infocon Systems’ software no longer have to manually match shipping data with individual invoices, speeding up orders-to-cash cycle and saving precious time and money.

According to Deepak Nijhawan, President of Infocon Systems, “The 3PL industry has become bigger and moved from brick and mortar to an online shopping system where consumers are shopping from places like Amazon. Consumer behavior in the last decade has changed. The challenge lies in how 3PL companies deal with the supply chain management that predominantly runs on EDI, combining it with the new business models for drop shipping products to customers.” Infocon Systems specializes in helping companies adapt to the new changes in the 3PL space. With consumers’ increasing demand for next day and even same day shipping, companies are under significant pressure to make sure that their supply chain is moving at a rapid pace, with limited disruption. What sets the company apart from its competitors is its flexibility. Infocon Systems’ platform can adapt to any trading partner, any integration, and any industry, regardless of the need or specification.

Our EDI solutions works with any trading partner, integrating with the systems of their choice, across any industry

Infocon Systems will integrate with a customer’s current system—be it Sage, NetSuite, QuickBooks, or Microsoft Dynamics invoicing. The accounting information will be automatically generated and sent to these systems through Infocon Systems’ automation process.

Infocon Systems assists 3PL companies in establishing a seamless workflow between their trading partners and their business and accounting systems. Some companies choose to use their own, in-house systems for shipping. From 3PL Central, ShipStation to QuickBooks, Infocon Systems integrates EDI data with a plethora of systems along with ERP, warehousing, business and accounting applications. From a broader picture, this overarching integration approach enhances visibility in critical business information significantly, thereby improving their supply chain efficiency. While others in the 3PL space expect existing clients to adapt to their solutions, Infocon Systems realizes the uniqueness of each client’s needs and adapts to their business processes and systems. “Cutting down on the order-to-cash cycle significantly, our EDI solutions work with any trading partner, integrating with the systems of their choice, across any industry,” explains Nijhawan.

The company is looking to expand and build client relationships across the globe. With a growing client base in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the Infocon team is focusing on Asia as a new source of growth. Infocon Systems has had success with large companies in the shipping business, and many have signaled that they’d like to expand their relationship with Infocon Systems’ platforms. Nijhawan believes they already have a strong value proposition, and expansion will come as the company receives greater exposure. Infocon Systems does more than simply offering cloud-based solutions for the automation of 3PL processes; it integrates these solutions with company’s existing platforms, making the transition to a more efficient technological environment seamless.