Infolog: Seamless Automation of 3PL Operations

Richard Goh, Managing Director, InfologRichard Goh, Managing Director
The rapid strides made by the third party logistics (3PL) sector have accentuated the importance of automation of numerous logistics operations to meet customers’ requirements in the shortest possible time. Infolog, a provider of streamlined, omni-channel software solutions for distribution, supply chain, and logistics companies, bails 3PL companies out of this predicament by optimizing various operations around warehouse and transport management. Started in 2013 by Richard Goh, a pioneer in the logistics sector, Infolog leverages the latest technologies to automate 3PL processes in a streamlined manner to improve the overall visibility and efficiency. Today, the customized versions of Infolog’s software power hundreds of clients.

The company’s INFOLOG Logistics Suite (ILS) is a holistic solution that integrates the best of technologies to significantly improve the operational efficiency of logistics operations; it also helps in tracking and protection of assets at all levels of the distribution operation. ILS features modules to support the various workflows in a typical 3PL operation. Orders are routed to a warehouse through the INFOLOG Order Management System (OMS), which is integrated with different payment gateways and ERP systems. Upon receiving the order from OMS, the INFOLOG Warehouse Management System (WMS), an operation-centric system, initiates a picking task for the ordered goods according to a specific goods profile. The system follows an optimized route where pickers do not interfere with each other. Once an order reaches the shipment confirmation stage, INFOLOG Transport Management System (TMS) routes the loaded vehicles to their destinations in clusters for improved efficiency. Meanwhile, the INFOLOG Haulage Management System (HMS) oversees haulier operations, facilitating communications between personnel involved in the full process and also handles the charges and billing portion, including driver incentive calculations.

“We also enable electronic proof-of-delivery to reduce carbon footprint through lower use of paper,” states Richard Goh, the company’s Managing Director.

Infolog is also at the forefront of assisting 3PL companies that are investing in solutions outside their core domain, such as high pressure processing (HPP)—a technique to extend the shelf life of food products. Goh mentions that Infolog provides a holistic solution by facilitating seamless integration between HPP environments and other 3PL business modules, thereby enabling clients to cater to niche markets.

We also enable electronic proof-of-delivery to reduce carbon footprint through lower use of paper

Infolog’s ability to customize solutions for an array of verticals helped Blu—a Singapore-based startup that caters to the logistics requirements of e-commerce businesses—in optimizing its warehouse operations. Infolog equipped Blu’s warehouse with RFID and AutoStore AS/RS technology so as to allow the tagging of goods arriving at the depot, before being placed in the automated storage system. The RFID environment was integrated with OMS and ERP to enable the pick task functionality, apart from providing order status to customers. As part of the solution, Infolog also provided Blu with a smart locker facility. “A smart locker is a point of delivery where customers get to collect parcels using a QR code or order number sent to them. The idea is to keep the package safe so that customers can collect them as per their convenience,” explains Goh.

Integration of ILS with diverse customer environments has allowed Infolog to be more agile and nimble. Goh speaks of the company’s intentions of catering to more markets—a move that is bound to enrich Infolog’s core products. With constant innovation and service par excellence as its mantra, the company enjoys a strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. In the future, Infolog seeks to reach customers across the globe including the U.S. and China.