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Garret Richardson, VP, Infoplus CommerceGarret Richardson, VP
A trip to a warehouse more often than not, is a scene of chaos that represents the dynamic supply chain industry. Everything from entry logs to the dispatch of goods can set off a commotion of events, and warehouse managers want a system that can make operations seem like a walk in the park. Based in Saint Louis, MO, Infoplus Commerce is a company that offers its clients a chance at enhancing their workflows pertaining to logistics and warehouse management by implementing a platform that works on their most minute as well as their more substantial issues. Most companies in the 3PL industry, however, do not have the money to invest in a good warehouse management system, and this holds them back on their journey toward success. For this reason, “We offer our solution to 3PLs at a fraction of the price of big-money products,” says Garret Richardson, VP at Infoplus. Profit is key to the survival of any venture, and Infoplus along with its team of highly experienced professionals is leveraging their knowledge and platform to push operations at warehouses to new heights at a minimal cost, allowing them to generate new revenue streams for customers.

At Infoplus, the success of their clients is a focus, and the customers are mainly SMBs that engage in third-party logistics (3PL) or warehouse management systems (WMS). A team of implementation consultants engage with every new customer to understand their current method of engagement and the strategies that they use.

We offer our solution to 3PLs at a fraction of the price of big-money products

Once an understanding of the issues is established, the consultants use Infoplus’ software to provide solutions for warehouse management operations that are business-driven and error-free. Infoplus’ platform can handle it all from receiving to billing and everything in between—and enhance warehouse operations with data-driven operations. Another critical factor that sets Infoplus apart is its API, which runs on the JSON Rest format, and allows for integrated solutions irrespective of the operational systems they have in place.

Every single client is different, in terms of their operations, resources and knowledge, and Infoplus’ teams work with them to offer the support they need. This starts with Infoplus taking on all the heavy lifting of initial implementation and carries over to the ongoing support. A defining feature of Infoplus is the lifelong sandbox site that clients can use to conduct a trial run of a new process before its implementation in the actual production environment. “Every single 3PL has its unique challenges that need to be assessed and addressed. The approach we take is very consultative, and we just happen to have an incredible WMS to help solve whatever challenge is in front of us,” states Richardson. The team at Infoplus is pushing ahead further by consistently receiving feedback from their customers on what they can use to improve operations, and then letting that information drive the growth of the Infoplus WMS platform. “We can sit and talk about where we want to go, and we certainly have an idea of where we are marching, but for us, our clients take us there,” Richardson concludes.

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Infoplus Commerce

St Louis, Missouri

Garret Richardson, VP

Infoplus is a powerful yet simple warehouse, inventory management, shipping software for e-Commerce, and 3PL warehouses