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Farzad Dibachi, CEO, InxeptionFarzad Dibachi, CEO
With a few clicks, today’s consumers can buy almost anything, big or small, from anywhere. Ordering a sofa or a trampoline online is now as easy as buying a book or a sweater. But the shift to retailers and manufacturers delivering more and more bulky items to consumers has been anything but easy. For one thing, the logistics costs for the long-distance delivery of bulky goods are incredibly high. Major retailers with big budgets had some room to operate. Small and mid-sized companies—not so much. And it hasn’t helped that Amazon has made “free shipping” the new normal.

Enter Inxeption, the pioneer of industrial commerce or “I-commerce.” It’s a software platform that helps companies manage digital transformation. Inxeption was launched by a Silicon Valley visionary named Farzad Dibachi who has not only started several software companies, but a manufacturing company as well. “We bring new meaning to the way businesses promote, sell, and manage products and services online,” says Dibachi, Inxeption’s CEO.

Dibachi says he focuses on helping his customers “Do Business Better.” One of the key services Inxeption has targeted in that quest is shipping and logistics. Inxeption aggregates the services of different logistics providers in the market, analyzes customer requirements, and offers flat-rate shipping rates based on the value of their shipments. Inxeption has partnered with various 3PLs and logistics providers to help manufacturers ship their large-sized products directly to the consumer.

Dibachi’s vision goes beyond shipping, however. Inxeption is a powerful, blockchain-secured platform that integrates several critical services and capabilities, including creating full ecommerce web sites for customers, and one-dashboard management of orders, inventory, shipments, payments, and marketing campaigns and analytics. The Inxeption Ledger, meanwhile is a product database that both powers the services and also serves as an always up-to-date online catalog.

With Inxeption on their side, customers get to play in Amazon’s world. “Our platform offers a flat-rate logistics system, which allows companies to offer free shipping to the end consumer, in turn enabling them to stand their ground against the behemoth sellers,” says Dibachi.

Notably, the Inxeption platform does not require an individual to have a deep understanding of the technology to work on it. A product manager or any employee can quickly learn to upload product specifications into this ledger, as well as customer data, and then that data powers every other aspect of the integrated platform, from purchasing shipping insurance to designing and tracking digital advertising campaigns.

Inxeption is steadily adding new services, which increases the value of the platform for new customers; meanwhile its rapidly scaling customer ranks enable it to secure better and better rates from all the service providers it works with. Some customers start using Inxeption just for shipping, but soon find themselves transforming how they do business because it offers so much more. Dibachi says an air purification company that joined the Inxeption platform recently is a great example of how an organization with very little experience selling or marketing online, now is building an online presence, leveraging Inxeption’s flat-rate shipping to more profitably send orders throughout the country, and interacting with its distributor network through an online portal.

In the abstract, embarking on full digital transformation might seem daunting. But by creating a logical, incremental path for customers to see the benefits in a specific business category such as shipping or ecommerce, Inxeption becomes a trusted partner in helping a company achieve broader optimization. Adds Dibachi: “Our success is completely tied in with our customers’ success.”

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Farzad Dibachi, CEO

Inxeption is a feature-rich e-commerce platform, providing the best tools and innovative blockchain technology that ensures trusted, secure, and reliable transactions. Inxeption is a sophisticated platform that rapidly increases sales, streamlines businesses, and extends products to new online channels. Inxeption helps organizations bring potential new customers to their website using the most up-to-date and advanced PPC methodologies. Inxeption helps business maintain a completely transparent window into their campaigns, who visits their website, and what works. The platform helps companies watch their orders in real-time and manage them easily