LoadExpress: End-to-end Automation of Freight Transactions

Ken Liu, VP Business Management & Co-Founder, LoadExpressKen Liu, VP Business Management & Co-Founder
Logistics largely works in a traditional setup where brokers facilitate transactions between shippers and carriers. This process makes the shipping process inefficient and time-consuming, and therefore costly. Manually driven methods, usage of legacy systems and tools like spreadsheets fail to bring an integrated approach to transportation. Changing all this is LoadExpress. The San Diego-based company offers a web-based platform that automates end-to-end logistics operations, injects transparency into business transactions, and accelerates the overall process. “We make transportation more efficient and cheaper for both shippers and carriers and increase everybody’s productivity at the same time,” remarks Ken Liu, V.P. Business Development and Co-Founder of LoadExpress.

LoadExpress platform connects shippers to carriers to deal directly with each other. The company has built a network of FMCSA-authorized carriers, and the qualifications are updated daily that ensure transaction security. The authorized carrier can submit a bid after a shipper posts a shipment. Once shipper selects carrier’s bid the platform automatically confirms the rate and generates the required documents. The platform also automatically records any changes in the shipment such as the addition of more pallets, change in destination and other aspects. LoadExpress facilitates the seamless communication between shippers and carriers and offers real-time location updates and load visibility via its mobile app. “This offers a top feature that shippers like and eliminates the need to make a number of check calls, a common and dreaded daily occurrence today,” states Liu. The LoadExpress mobile app also offers carriers turn-by-turn navigation that helps them avoid fines, reduce delivery times and improve safety.

The carrier sends proof of delivery(POD) once the shipment is delivered and verified by the shipper or consignee. This releases payment immediately, vs. waiting for days as typically the case today. The solution also helps to resolve detention, accessorials, billing disputes and damage claims between the parties. Its data analytics dashboard helps users manage their business more efficiently.

A more direct, streamlined and automated freight process can wring out billions of dollars of price and operational inefficiency out of the freight industry

LoadExpress has built intuitive features that cater to the functional needs of carriers and shippers. Carriers can utilize load-matching to save their desired lanes and open dates for an empty truck. Matched available loads will be sent to them via email and text so they can bid on the loads. . They can monitor their own and competitive bids with automated bidding parameters and an expiration time. By adding trucks, drivers, and dispatchers as users with unique login credentials, carriers can track their fleet activities with ease. For shippers, the platform allows them to re-create similar shipments through cloning or editing a shipment. It presents a clear view of available trucks and carrier capacity in each state.

LoadExpress is equivalent to the transport execution module of a Transport Management Systems (TMS). It is easy to use and set up; any user can be up and running in minutes once approved. It is absolutely FREE for carriers; shippers pay a flat transaction fee for each load successfully moved on the platform.

LoadExpress delivers many significant benefits to users revolving around higher efficiency and productivity, fewer mistakes and hassles. It lowers cost and increases customer satisfaction all around. It can also be used to derive new revenues from a new business. A major hotel chain with a large convention business plans to use LoadExpress as a platform to provide transportation services as a value-add service that will garner market share as well as earn transportation revenues. Currently the hotel is merely scheduling the trucks at their docks.

LoadExpress continues to enhance its technology with customizations and integrations with its customers’ TMS and load tendering systems. The company envisions a logistics future where a more direct, streamlined and automated freight process can wring out billions of dollars of price and operational inefficiency out of the freight industry.