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The ethos of a family-owned business lies in the personal touch it offers to every customer. The same stands true for Miler, a small family-based logistics company that was founded on the belief that every customer is part of their extended family. Miler boasts a strong background in the trucking business and is committed to establishing long-term partnerships with its clients in the US as a premier freight broker. “More than focusing on adding clients to our list, we emphasize on building relationships,” states Kori Nicholson, director of operations and sales, Miler. The company also holds an asset-based company, ensuring no matter what, their customers’ freight is taken care of.

According to Kori, the existence of a plethora of firms in the 3PL space—offering the same shipping services—makes it a tough task for businesses to identify the one capable of fulfilling their unique requirements. In such a scenario, Miler aspires to emerge as the sole problem-solver for every challenge confronted by its clients rather than developing a niche in a specific field.

Although a majority of Miler’s clientele includes companies from the retail space, the team understands that every customer’s requirements are unique. Miler therefore steps up to each challenge faced by a customer with a different plan, aiming to fulfill their individual needs. “Our empathy for our clients drives us to provide them with what they need; be it access to certain software or a dedicated account manager for their projects, we have it all covered,” states Kori. Miler offers various software programs as per clients’ requirements, including its proprietary Transportation Management Software (TMS). The company also provides an expertise in LTL as well as FTL. The team at Miler finds a way to move anything that can be moved. It aims to evolve as a one-stop- shop for clients when it comes to fulfilling their shipping needs.

Our empathy for our clients drives us to provide them with what they need; be it access to certain software or a dedicated account manager for their projects, we have it all covered

The company considers its carrier relationships to be their biggest asset. Miler maintains transparency with all of its customers as well as carriers; therefore, building strong, long-term relationships with drivers as well.“We learn their strengths and weaknesses, which provides even better service to our customers. Even though they are not our direct employees, they know that they are going to be taken care of by us,” adds Kori.

Miler’s deep-seated knowledge about the fast-paced nature of the logistics marketplace is what makes it stand out among its peers. While associating with each of its customers, the team at Miler notes specific details that are special to each one ensuring they offer them the best possible service.

In an instance, Kori connected with a small furniture manufacturer based out of California about six months back that was looking to ship furniture all across the US. The customer was looking for the best shipping prices for its LTL project. The client was trying to include all of the products in one shipment. Kori offered to split the load into two separate shipments at two separate times, resulting in a more a cost-effective manner. Realizing this as a feasible solution to all his shipment problems, the client handed over the entire shipping operation to Miler. Client partnerships such as these speak volumes about the expertise Miler brings to the table.

To continuously expand and deliver these capabilities to a wider client base, Miler seeks to establish offices throughout the U.S. and focus growing in those individual areas in the coming years. “We are also looking forward to hiring more truck drivers for our asset side so we can reach more markets with the vision to share in growth,” concludes Kori.

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Columbus, OH

Kori Nicholson, Director of Operations and Sales

A premier truck broker, Miler aims to continually surpass its clients’ expectations with dedication to prompt, safe deliveries