Odyssey: Gateway to Optimized Logistics Management

Russell Marky, SVP & CIO, OdysseyRussell Marky, SVP & CIO
It comes as no surprise that today transportation networks have become increasingly complex with fluctuating capacity, mounting shipper demands, and increasing disruptions. To achieve optimal logistics management in this environment, service and technology must be inextricably connected. Shippers are looking for a combination of technologies to effectively handle different modes of transportation, interact with various partners, and deliver complete visibility into how their carrier network performs.

“Early on we recognized that shippers needed a technology to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the complex environment they work in,” states Odyssey’s SVP and CIO, Russell Marky. “Whether a shipper outsources their activities or manages them in-house, Odyssey Logistics & Technology (Odyssey) is capable of offering unique and state-of-the-art technology that creates optimized logistics management.”

Odyssey has developed a web-based transportation management platform, WINTM (Web Integrated Network), for shippers to run their entire logistics operations with visibility into their operations across multiple locations.

“With WIN, we offer shippers an efficient, single-source system to make logistics and transportation management easier, faster, and more cost-effective,” adds Marky. “The platform encompasses the central functions of transportation management—an online rating tool, spot quote comparisons, load tendering, tracking, and ad-hoc reporting capabilities—and is offered to shippers at no cost.”

Available for shipments in North America, WIN supports truckload (TL), less than truckload (LTL), intermodal, and bulk transportation options, which involve a high-level of integration and automation. By deploying WIN, shippers can save time through the automation of carrier selection, explore cost-saving opportunities, and optimize freight spend with better visibility.

We offer shippers a high-value logistics strategy and an efficient, single-source system to make logistics and transportation management easier, faster, and more cost-effective

According to Marky, WIN is a carrier-neutral marketplace where shippers can maintain their existing carriers and also access a wider network of carriers in a single web interface. This allows shippers control and visibility over their logistics operations permitting them to choose carriers and brokers that offer best shipping rates and transit times for their shipments. Once the carrier is selected, WIN tracks the shipment as it moves through the tendering life cycle.

Through a strategic partnership with Jitterbit®, an integration platform, WIN provides easy integration with a shipper’s ERP system which could include an internally developed system, or an industry leader such as SAP®, Infor®, Epicor®, Sage®, and Oracle®. Since WIN is compatible with this wide range of ERP systems, shippers can tie back-office systems with WIN and achieve their strategic goals of freight spend management and optimization while delivering flawless quoting, tendering, and tracking.

Marky also points out that WIN’s master data management supports seamless carrier communication, enabling shippers to leverage a carrier’s individual web services or APIs to retrieve their real-time rates and eliminate the need for maintaining rate master data.

“Our key differentiator is the approach that we take to simplify shipping and logistics to a whole new level and find ways to save costs for shippers,” says Marky. In addition to enabling the shippers to select the carriers and rates they view as best for their shipments, WIN analysts review shipping patterns to determine if better procured contract rates might be available.

Odyssey also recently announced system enhancements that permit shipment consolidations and auto-tendering loads based on the lowest price.