PLX Freight: Redefining Freight Management with Enhanced Customer Experience

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Michael Karam, CEO and Wendell Sommers, Founder , PLX Freight Michael Karam, CEO and Wendell Sommers, Founder
PLX Freight isn’t a typical freight brokerage or 3PL service provider. With a motto, ‘customer service first, profit second,’ we are laser-focused on delivering the best solution to meet the needs of our customers,” says Michael Karam, CEO of PLX Freight.

In an industry where quality and service often take a back seat to profit, Wendell Sommers founded PLX Freight in 2019 with a goal to redefine logistics brokerage. With a customer-first mentality at its heart, PLX Freight stands head and shoulders above its competition, providing shippers with elite customer service and the best pricing in the market. The combination of Sommers’s rich technological background and Karam’s excellent customer advocacy has propelled PLX Freight to be the undisputed leader in the National Freight Brokerage industry.

As a 3PL management company, PLX Freight offers primary, backup, and spot market capacity to help customers seamlessly navigate freight market complexities. PLX Freightconnects shippers to its expansive network of contracted carriers across North America. Thriving on building enduring relationships with customers, the company offers ONE POINT OF CONTACT—each carrier and shipper is assigned a dedicated PLX Freight rep who finds the right solutions for loading trucks and managing freight. With deeprooted industry expertise, PLX Freight’s expert team focuses on solving the toughest freight management challenges for customers round the clock, exceeding their expectations.

PLX Freight manages shipments from start to finish and ensures the highest level of transparency, for shippers and carriers alike. Shippers are constantly updated on the status of their load until it is delivered to the final destination. The company also provides secondary coverage, overseeing the shipment along the way and providing feedback to customers through its second-to-none communication service.

To unravel logistics complexities, PLX Freight follows a simplified customer service methodology and eliminates all the unnecessary steps involved in the shipping process to make it more streamlined. The company delves deep into clients’ requirements, serving their best interests while tackling curveballs throughout the process. Be it full truckload (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL), long haul, hotshot, or flatbed shipping services, PLX Freight scours the market for the best solution that saves clients significant dollars.

The robust capability of PLX Freight in taking a unique approach to LTL service as opposed to a cookie-cutter solution was demonstrated when it helped one of its clients, an automobile part manufacturer. The client was looking for a market-competitive price and superior customer service to ship its LTL shipments to California. PLX Freight provided a consolidated space in a dedicated dry van to transport the shipment for almost the same price as that of an LTL service. With PLX Freight’s tailored service, the client could ensure lower transportation costs with quicker turnaround times, avoiding sending the load all the way through a typical LTL network.

  • With a motto, ‘customer service first, profit second,’ we are laser-focused on delivering the best solution that meets all the needs of our customers

By providing innovative services marked by unsurpassed quality standards, PLX Freight has been able to grow more than 40 percent each year since its inception. Steering ahead, the company envisions staying at the forefront of delivering the best shipper and carrier experience while fostering a great work environment for its employees, enabling them to perform at their highest capability.
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PLX Freight

PLX Freight

Akron, Oh

Michael Karam, CEO and Wendell Sommers, Founder

PLX Freight is a 3PL management company that offers primary, backup, and spot market capacity to help customers navigate freight market complexities