Royal 4 Systems: Transforming Warehouse into Competitive Advantage

Royal 4 Systems: Transforming Warehouse into Competitive Advantage

The warehouse is a crucial part of the supply chain. A central depot through which everything right from raw materials waiting to be manufactured into finished goods to products waiting for shipment downstream to a distribution center, retailer, or end-customer traverse. Organizations with distribution warehouses often get caught in a plethora of comprehensive processes to keep track of the inventory and load statuses— functionalities that significantly consume a fair share of a distributor’s money and time. Addressing these pain points within and across the supply chain with its intelligent enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management software, WISE WMS, Royal 4 Systems marks its eminence in the supply chain management arena.

Through its proprietary WISE WMS platform, at the core of its supply chain solutions, Royal 4 brings a unique suite of tools designed to optimize warehouse operations and drive efficiency. The WISE WMS product suite consists of warehouse management in conjunction with ERP, web solutions, storefronts, and shipping. Developed with the help of detailed algorithmic rule engines, Royal 4’s WMS solution can be easily configured according to the user defined location rules, shipment and packaging procedures, and all other significant distribution center operations. “The Royal 4’s WMS software offers tier 1 level capabilities of addressing the true purpose of supply chain management at a mid-tier price,” states Keim Gregory Edmund, VP Marketing and Logistics of Royal 4 Systems.

In addition to warehouse management, the company also offers services like procurement, demand forecasting, and ERP functionalities that can be integrated on top of the existing technologies like SAP, Oracle, or QuickBooks in the customer’s environments. Owing to the diverse ERP solutions of its clients and varied dynamics of integrating its WISE WMS with the Clients’ ERPs, Royal 4 internally developed the WISE Universal Integration Adapter (UIA) for data transformation, which enables seamless integration of the WISE platform with any ERP. Along with Royal 4’s ERP, the company provides WISE EDI and WISE 3PL billing as a major part of its offering. The WISE 3 PL billing engine is capable of creating detailed invoices for products and value-added services that are unique to the customer.

The Royal 4’s WMS software offers tier 1 level capabilities of addressing the true purpose of supply chain management at a mid-tier price

Royal 4 has also developed a high-level web product, the e-WISE browser that allows customers to access real-time information about stock status, inventory, and reports. The e-WISE system utilizes secure login technology embedded directly into the customer’s website and can be easily maintained by the customer’s web administrator.

Royal 4 stands distinctively apart from some of the big players in the industry through its organic approach of developing in-house WMS software. Edmund says, “Unlike our competitors, we do not buy our software externally and cobble it together. Our workforce with a software to sales ratio of 4:1, predominantly comprises software engineers with a profound knowledge of the industry dynamics.”

Citing the success stories of Royal 4’s customers, Edmund shares the case study of Fastline, Australia’s leading provider of warehousing and logistics solutions. Prior to incorporating Royal 4 WMS system into its environment, Fastline was shipping 6500 packages a day which skyrocketed to 25000 packages per day through WISE, with added benefits of increased speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

Currently, Royal 4 is creating a new business intelligence tool with the development of a new RF web capability in progress. With a global presence across multiple locations in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, Royal 4 envisions expanding its foothold in Australia and plans to establish new offices in the region.