ShipEdge: Simplifying Warehousing for eCommerce

José I. Flores, CEO, ShipEdgeJosé I. Flores, CEO
As an avid innovator, José I. Flores, CEO of ShipEdge has always been passionate about simplifying warehousing for eCommerce. An electrical engineer turned into a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in eCommerce, Jose saw an opportunity of selling camera accessories directly to the consumer on various channels on the internet. Developing his company as a multi-channel retailer, he started creating an order management system (OMS) that eventually became the basis for ShipEdge. From point of sales inquiry to delivery of a product to the customer, ShipEdge is focused on aggregating eCommerce merchants to leverage economies of scale in warehousing and logistics to eliminate chances of inventory inaccuracies, lost shipments, or shipment errors, which all come from an ineffective warehouse management.

ShipEdge aims to solve the absence of a scalable, reliable, accurate and efficient software platform to handle all their entire fulfillment operations and increase proficiency. As a seamlessly integrated all-in-one software solution for 3PLs, ShipEdge’s cloud-based enterprise commerce solutions is built with Warehouse Management System (WMS) inside the OMS for efficient order fulfillment operations. The solution automates the flow of information by integrating with suppliers, ubiquitous inventory, shipping carriers, and multiple tools into its powerful Order Management System.

By using cutting-edge web and wireless technologies, ShipEdge allows warehouses to manage inventory, streamline pick and pack activities and automate the flow of orders and returns for multiple clients across many selling channels. “Our comprehensive solutions include a Multi WMS, Omni Channel OMS, eCommerce Supply Chain with Enterprise Resource Planning ERP, Multi-carrier Shipping Station, Android Inventory Control, Multi-location and Geo-savings, Returns and exchanges, and 3PL Billing systems—empowering companies to streamline complex operations,” states Flores.

The firm’s custom ShipEdge application helps employees streamline all warehouse procedures and easily map the different areas of their warehouses and allocate products based on velocity of sales statistics for each SKU to run fulfillment operations at extremely efficient speeds.

ShipEdge allows warehouses to manage inventory, streamline pick and pack activities and automate the flow of orders and returns for multiple clients across many selling channels

The warehouse activities are completely streamlined for maximum efficiency by optimizing workflow, integrating with label printers, and wireless barcode scanners working on ShipEdge’s native android app.

ShipEdge integrates with multiple selling channels, including POS (Point of Sales) systems on the OMS side and with all major shipping carriers on the WMS side. This solution is absolute for the 3PLs, as warehouses can share customers— typically eCommerce Retailers, thereby providing merchants the best logistics solution. The firm also accomplishes accuracy and efficiency in the work process and provides an immense return on investment for the 3PL organizations. In addition, ShipEdge’s billing component helps to ensure maximum revenue and profitability, in such a way all the invoices are completely automated.

As robust software to integrate an OMS with WMS into a single seamless software platform, ShipEdge is leading the way in innovation for 3PLs and the fulfillment industry as a whole. For instance, ShipEdge acts as a fantastic tool for managing the multiple warehouses of an international fulfillment service provider—IFS360. Leveraging ShipEdge’s affordable software platform, IFS360 keeps all the floor teams in sync with the client’s requirement and provides expert assistance in fulfilling orders, while automating everything from billing to inventory.

“We have an unsurpassed passion for helping our customers succeed in their fulfillment operations and continue to develop and implement methodology for empowering more fulfillment corporations by expanding its technology partnerships,” concludes Flores. Forging ahead, the firm plans to continue investing over 80 percent of its revenue in R&D, bringing added features into its existing software— facilitating maximum customer service.