Softeon: Single Platform to Execute Planning to Fulfillment

Dinesh Dongre, VP-Strategy, SofteonDinesh Dongre, VP-Strategy
With opportunities and relative ease of reaching a global market, 3PLs are becoming more relevant to support such growth. And more companies are focusing on their core competence and looking for more strategic partnerships with their 3rd party fulfillment providers. Consequently, 3PL’s, more than ever, recognize technology capability as key to differentiation and value to their customers. 3PL’s have unique software and business needs and require the supply chain software that can support those specific requirements. That includes being able to capture “costs bills” accurately by a wide array of services and contract terms, support many workflows and physical assets requirements across clients in a single system. Alongside, they also demand solutions to respond to new client needs and opportunities, share information in real time and a lot more. And key to every 3PL’s success are Time-To-Market, Agility and Technology Cost of Ownership. This is where Softeon, a provider of innovative supply chain software, steps in to enable the 3PL industry to meet the challenges. “We provide a single platform—from planning to fulfillment – with unique capabilities for the 3PL market,” begins Dinesh Dongre, VP Strategy, Softeon. He continues, “Our product can integrate and leverage existing infrastructure, support multiple deployment models and is well architected to support agility through a series of configured rule definitions and a combination of self-sufficiency tools.”

Softeon’s Solution Platform allows 3PL providers to seamlessly deploy Supply Chain solutions– on-premise or in the Cloud - to a wide range of industries at different levels of process complexity in a short span of time. Softeon’s Warehouse Management System (Softeon WMS), for instance, supports a wide range of functional, geographic and partner requirements— from the most basic to highly advanced fulfillment operations across a multi-tenant landscape.

We execute everything— from planning to fulfillment, on the same platform

Softeon’s Transportation Management System and Freight Audit and Payment module provides the capabilities that 3PLs need in terms of optimizing shipments, improving SLA’s and reducing overages across clients. It also includes both a buy and a sell view of each transaction, margin management capabilities and the ability to allocate transportation costs to specific clients, products and more. Softeon’s Distributed Order Management (DOM) facilitates clients in 3PLs to provide fulfillment optimization to clients by intelligently selecting the optimum fulfillment point based on channel, inventory, costs, and service requirements. Softeon’s DOM in combination with WMS—based on a powerful Rules Engine—bestows 3PLs the capacity to easily define and execute unique fulfillment rules for each client. 3PL providers can easily define policies, handling, labeling and more to grow their businesses. Softeon’s Billing Management system enables providers to account for and accurately charge distribution related costs along with any other external cost components.

Softeon has an extensive and very satisfied 3PL client base–from global 3PL’s with a broad landscape to more niche providers. In one instance, Softeon assisted a 3PL client with their WMS solution resulting in a reduction of new client onboarding time by over 70 percent. “We helped them with our WMS solution, and configured the solution with a certain amount of self-sufficient tools specifically beneficial to them,” explains Dongre. The configuration was a series of templates that Softeon built for the client that standardized the WMS behavior for them. The client was able to easily onboard new customers in a short span of time.

Moving ahead, Soften is planning to expand geographically in places like Latin America. The firm will also enhance their solutions and help 3PL clients to function more efficiently. “We continue to extend our platform solutions both in terms of what we offer and the capability, as well as how we offer the solutions,” concludes Dongre.