TrackX Holdings. Inc (TSX.V:TKX | OTC:TKXHF) ("TrackX"): Augmenting Transparency and Visibility into the Supply Chain

Tim Harvie, Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO, TrackX Holdings. IncTim Harvie, Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO
The supply chain is the heart of a company’s operations. In these challenging times, supply chain leaders face crunch time in turning their supply chains to a source of growth and competitive advantage. While the visibility of the supply chain’s end-to-end performance remains a long-standing challenge, what these leaders demand is real-time access to item-level data to build a more transparent supply chain that offers unprecedented control over operations and drives informed decisions.

Tim Harvie, well-versed with the nuts and bolts of transportation, distribution, and logistics knows what it takes to meet those demands. With over three decades of industry expertise in supply chain and logistics management, Harvie identified the lack of visibility and control in asset management and supply chain operations of enterprises. In an ambitious bid to re-define this scenario, he founded TrackX—a company that strives to implement total enterprise scalable asset management and innovative tracking solutions for driving process efficiency and optimizing the entire supply chain operations.

TrackX leverages a truly next-generation tracking solution woven around IIoT, digital transformation, and Big Data that enable workflow efficiency and real-time visibility into critical components of operations— labor involved, state, condition, content, and location of assets—in the yard, warehouse, or on the road. Its core cloud platform, Global Asset Management for Enterprises or GAME, enables companies to efficiently track and manage their entire supply chain, returnable transport items, and high-value assets, along with providing a tight integration into the back-office operational systems like ERP, WMS, or TMS. The platform utilizes unique item-level auto ID tracking technologies and sensors like RFID, GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and ultra-wideband to ensure a comprehensive tracking of physical assets, light, temperature, humidity, door open, or door close in the warehouses.

“We are mission critical to successful supply chain operations. By providing an IOT platform that supports multiple asset classes, multiple locations, and enterprise scalability along with best of breed technology, we provide the visibility and executable business intelligence to drive efficiency for our clients throughout the entire supply chain,”states Harvie. Another key feature of TrackX’s GAME platform is the advanced analytics engine, called TrackX Insight that consolidates all the massive operational data and turns it into meaningful and executable business intelligence, thereby assisting senior management in making better decisions for optimizing asset flows. The tremendously scalable hardware-agnostic solutions from TrackX automate numerous business processes previously under manual execution and nullify shrinkage, theft, or loss in inventory, all the while delivering a rapid ROI for its clients.

In-depth industry expertise keeps TrackX in a strong position of not just deploying appropriate technologies, but also providing committed professional services throughout the entire adoption period to assist clients in simplifying the platform migration. The company’s credibility stems from its vast network of technology and service partnerships that offer a bundled solution to optimize asset pools and seamlessly manage any combination of business processes across multiple locations, facilities, or divisions. Added to this, its capability to trigger every transaction directly to the back-end systems of customers in real-time through e-mail, mobile devices, and web browser empowers clients to extract maximum value from their investments.

One of its clients, a large household appliance manufacturer, endured a significant challenge in managing the arrival, departure, loading, and yard inventory of trailers, as well as limited visibility in shunt truck movements. What TrackX did to mitigate these shortcomings was implement a yard management solution, a network of RFID tags on trailers entering the yard and GPS devices on shunt trucks, which enabled the client to harness a real-time inventory of every trailer and shunt unit in the yard. By dynamically monitoring the entire operation, the client was able to optimize its shunt labor utilization and maximize its operational performance.

Despite bringing over 100 years of combined industry expertise to the table and a vast clientele in multiple domains, TrackX is not resting on its laurels. The company will leverage its success with top tier accounts in existing industries to capture additional market share within those industries, while also leveraging the configurability of its enterprise asset management platform to expand into new industries.

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TrackX Holdings. Inc

Denver, Colorado

Tim Harvie, Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO

TrackX is an enterprise Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software platform provider leveraging multiple auto-ID technologies for the comprehensive management of physical assets