Service Driven Transport: The Commitment To 'On Time, Every Time' Delivery

Top 10 3PL Services Companies - 2022

The growth of e-commerce continues on a stellar note with unprecedented orders from consumers, pressurizing 3PL tech service providers to offer creative solutions that can alleviate the stress in the supply chain. As a result, 3PLs are in search of the perfect balance between effectiveness and affordability while maintaining a steady flow of inventory to gratify demand. The reliance on technology to boost efficiency has increased in recent years and is expected to grow rapidly as time progresses.

In tandem, the global 3PL market is estimated to reach $1.85 trillion by 2027, according to recent market estimates. The analysis also predicts that the growth will take place at a CAGR of 7.3-percent during this period. One of the factors contributing to the growth is the transparency 3PL services are providing through the use of GPS trackers, RFID sensors, and Bluetooth technology in cargo monitoring solutions. These tracking technologies are employed in shipping and storage, and they enable product owners and recipients to follow their deliveries in real-time via mobile applications. Blockchain technology has also proven to be a game-changer in addressing the challenges in 3PL. Combined with shipment management, it can eliminate errors in records through digitization.

To put the spotlight on such key developments in the industry, Logistics Tech Outlook illustrates how companies are leveraging solutions and the latest technologies to augment 3PL services and meet the expectations of businesses. This edition features a thought leadership article from Todd Williams, President at KINEXO, which provides insight on building strategies for businesses that focus on agility along with improving efficiency.

In this edition of Logistics Tech Outlook, we also bring to you some of the stories of top executive 3PL service providers that deliver the best outcome for their clients. This list presents Service Driven Transport, a 3PL tech service provider that is striking for its timely delivery of clients’ products to their destination on time with utmost care and efficiency through their robust transportation management systems.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on innovative trends and the latest developments in the 3PL sector.

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    Top 3PL Services Companies

  • Anchor3PL is a full-service warehousing and logistics company specializing in raw and finished food-grade inventory, dry goods, retail fulfillment, hazmat/chemical, and routing guide specialists. Anchor 3PL offers warehousing, inventory management, distribution, transportation, transloading, and road and rail services, and is strategically located in Utah for timely distribution throughout the Western United States.


  • PLX Freight is a 3PL management company that offers primary, backup, and spot market capacity to help customers navigate freight market complexities


  • Rhode Sense brings over 100 years of freight brokerage experience, focusing on professional, timely crated LTL and FTL services, full-service moves, and time-specific deliveries with liftgates and/or multi-stop truckload shipments with competitive rates.


  • Service Driven Transport offers truckload and less-than-truckload and air freight services, specializing in temperature-controlled, bulk commodities transportation. Adopting a proactive approach, the company ensures on-time delivery through equipment availability and backup plans for logistical hiccups


  • Taylored Services offers direct-to-customer fulfillment services, omnichannel retail warehousing, eCommerce distribution, vendor compliance services, and other value-added services. The company excels in both case fulfillment and unit fulfillment, and has first-rate transloading services. The third-party logistics (3PL) provider is equipped with a robust Tier-1 warehouse management system (WMS) to operate their intelligently designed warehouse facilities with 4 million square feet of floor space across 18 U.S. facilities and high-quality logistics management and supply chain management solutions. Taylored Services’ signature strengths lie in its technological prowess and expertise in contract and labor management.


  • 3PL Links

    3PL Links

    The Logistics Division at 3PL Links offers results that customers can rely on. The daily distribution of business products is crucial to the growth of any company. 3PL Links can handle all cross-border shipping needs to and from Mexico, and other foreign locations, to ensure that every shipment arrives safely and securely

  • 3PL Worldwide

    3PL Worldwide

    3PL provides exceptionally flexible and scalable distribution techniques to manage the whole supply chain path, including common upstream items such as international manufacturing, freight forwarding, US ports, and drayage. A suite of integrated technologies handles order administration, inventory, distribution, returns management, supply chain demands, and associated reporting

  • C.H. Robinson

    C.H. Robinson

    C.H. Robinson is a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that solves logistical difficulties for businesses worldwide, from the most basic to the most complicated. It provides its customers the experience of dealing with the world’s largest and most sophisticated shippers

  • PCC Logistics

    PCC Logistics

    With over 30 years of experience, PCC has built an extensive network that allows the company to deliver goods across the United States as well as internationally through its strategic partnerships in Mexico and Canada

  • Tri Key Group

    Tri Key Group

    Tri-Key Group, founded in 2020, is a supply chain solutions, over goods, virtual professional services, and enterprise system assistance/ training company. It replaces ineffective procedures with more effective systems. It is a one-stop-shop for all business needs