Considerations When Selecting a Logistics Partner

Paul Massingill, President and CEO,  Service Driven TransportPaul Massingill, President and CEO, Service Driven Transport
If your business relies on an outsourced distribution channel, you likely understand the importance of ensuring that your products arrive as promised, and when promised. This is perhaps one of the most critical decisions your company can make. You could have the best product, and ready and available store shelves, but if you’re product doesn’t arrive as expected, you will miss sales opportunities. You’ve already gone to the work of developing and marketing your product, now you need to make sure it reaches customers. Selecting the right logistics partner can have a very real impact on your reputation and your bottom line.

Unless you have a corporate supply chain, you are most likely outsourcing the logistics function of your business to a third-party provider. A reputable logistics partner ensures that your products arrive when, where, and as expected without any surprises or hidden costs. Here are some things to consider when selecting a logistics partner:

Reputation: Does the logistics company have a solid reputation for delivering on-time and as promised? You might consider asking them to disclose their on-time delivery and claims rates. These numbers will give you a strong indication of their proven ability to deliver. Reputable logistics companies will have an on-time delivery rate of 98% or higher and a claims rate of zero. That means that 98% of the time deliveries are made on time regardless of extenuating circumstances such as traffic and weather. The on-time delivery rate is a strong indicator of a company’s commitment to ensuring client success. The claims rate is an indicator of the frequency of damaged goods and highlights the care with which the company is likely to handle your product. It’s critical that your products arrive when and where promised, and in excellent condition.

Service Driven Transport has worked hard to earn a 98% on-time delivery rate and a 0% claims rate. We live by one simple philosophy: Deliver Excellence In Motion every time. We have earned this reputation by consistently providing excellent service over many years, regardless of extenuating circumstances.
Trust: Do you trust the assigned Logistics Planner?Do they have the experience to creatively and quickly solve any problems that may arise? It’s important that you feel comfortable working with your Logistics Planner and that you have their contact information should you need to use it. After all, the Logistics Planner is the connection to your product while it’s in transport. Once you establish a relationship with a 3PL provider, you should rest assured that your products are a top priority and being handled by the best.

The team at Service Driven Transport is not only experienced, they are also empowered to do what it takes to exceed the expectations of our customers. Sometimes that means remaining on-call well outside of normal business hours to ensure the successful delivery of a customer’s shipment. Sometimes it means going above and beyond to circumvent unexpected challenges like weather. It also means creatively maximizing loads across our deep client base. When you work with Service Driven Transport, not only do you have the support of our full team, you have a dedicated and experienced Logistics Planner who is working for you.

Fleet: What is the fleet inventory of the 3PL provider? Do they have enough equipment- or access to equipment- to meet your demand when and where needed? Before you select a 3PL partner, ensure that they have the equipment ready and available to deliver as expected. Logistics is a fast paced and fluid environment and you want to be sure that you’re not waiting on equipment when you are ready to move product.

Service Driven Transport has a fleet of trucks, trailers, and planes ready to deliver your product when and where it’s needed in the most efficient way possible.

Selecting the right logistics partner can have a very real impact on your reputation and your bottom line

Service Driven Transport is North America’s first choice in transportation. We have earned a reputation for being on time, every time. Our team has extensive experience, and our clients are loyal because they know that we consistently deliver excellent service. More than ever before, your company needs a reliable and cost-effective resource that you can trust to move your products. Service Driven Transport delivers Excellence In Motion. Learn more at www.servicedriventransport.com
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Service Driven Transport: The Commitment To 'On Time, Every Time' Delivery